Me Climb Big Hill. RAAH!

I managed to drag myself up Cleeve Hill today. I rode along the Honeybourne Cycle Path until it’s conclusion, across through Prestbury, then took the climb up Mill Lane. It was absolutely horrible – really hard work to get anywhere (although it’s much nicer having gears for that climb), then when I finally got to the off-road bit, I seemed to have lost any skill and poise I might once have had. Every attempt to ride up a techno-rocky section saw me stall before flailing wildly trying to get a foot out of the SPDs. I’ll conquer that one yet, just you wait.

It was well worth it though. The sun came out just as I reached the top of the climb, making everything seem worthwhile.

I rode to the masts, then followed the road the to moto-cross area, before heading down the rocky descent into Prestbury. I was feeling much more confident this time, riding straight through sections that had me beaten last time. Typical then, that I should meet a Land Rover coming up towards me. I had to stop and scramble up the banking to get out of the way. Fair play though, it went straight up stuff no car has any right to climb.

The rest of the descent seemed to have a river flowing down it, which served to remind me of two things: Firstly, I need to fit a Crud Catcher to the front of that bike (or maybe even my ‘zocchi fender if I’ve still got it) and secondly, I still need to get myself some riding glasses, to stop any cack that a Crud Catcher doesn’t. AARRGGHHH, I’M BLIIINNNNDDD!!!

I’ve bunged the pictures on Flickr if you’re interested.

5 Responses to “Me Climb Big Hill. RAAH!”

1. jordan

That shot you put at the top of the post is beautiful.

I should try doing some biking sometime, but my chain’s broken and we haven’t any particularly good places to go round here.

2. Owen

You animal! I haven’t got the gumption to try Cleeve again yet – a few more uns up LH should get me ready to try it…

I echo jordan in saying your photo is cool! I’m off to tackle LH before returning to do some exciting Photoshop work and ASP shenanigans. Huzzah!

3. Olly

Cheers peeps. Obviously it didn’t really look that good – Photoshop helped a little :)

Jordan – I guess we’re lucky to have so many trails to ride around here. You ought to fix your chain and seek out the fun stuff though – there’s always some fun singletrack hiding somewhere.

4. matt

I got mud in my eye as I slogged around, then got home to an email from my mate who’s boarding in Andorra,, which frankly, looked more fun… git.

5. Richard Rutter

Gah, I can’t believe I went to the gym today instead of actually getting out on the Downs. Sometimes the gym just seems the more appealling option – I’m always proved wrong though. Idiot.

BTW fork out for some Oakley M-frames. They’re expensive but you won’t regret it – the optical quality is superb – something you’ll appreciate when riding towards the low winter sun. And of course, they keep the sheep shit out of your eyes.