Subtle Changery

I’ve been wanting to redesign this place for ages, but I’ve never really found the time or indeed motivation to do it properly. I needed to change the look with absolute minimum effort for me: I figured a new header image was probably the easiest way to do it, so that’s exactly what I’ve done (it should look like this – you may need to hit reload or clear your cache if you’re not seeing it).

G-Dog gets his five minutes of fame this time. You can tell the pictures are quite old – he’s riding an Orange 222 (You’re my bike now Dave!). They were taken back in July of last year up on Leckhampton Hill , then amalgamated in Photoshop. Yes, I know it all needs a bit of tweaking – especially the navigation. I’ll get around to it at some point.

Oh and a completely unrelated HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAGGUS!

5 Responses to “Subtle Changery”

1. matt

OO you have a new header, it’s rather nice.

Pat yourself on the back.

2. Owen

Dude, you are so rad. Nice header with no sign of arse knuckles.

3. Simon

I dont like it

Think its just that the title is too subtle and as such easily ignored, which is a bit pointless for a title :-p and yes your links need work. Owens site is way better than yours :-p

4. Olly

I don’t care if you ignore the title – the content is what it’s all about :-)


Oh, and you never like anything. Ever. ;-)

5. Sara

I love the header and the page bg. Nice job Olly!