Back on the trails

Back on the trails

Man, I’ve missed this. Today was my first ride since the broken hand incident. I saw a dead snake and what I think are some Crias (baby Llamas). I’d not seen a snake in the wild since the adder we found in the woods at school. Exciting huh?

Obviously most of my strength, fitness, confidence and stamina had evaporated (although bizarrely my legs seem as strong as ever). They’ll come back though, given time and effort. My hand was absolutely fine throughout. Winner!

Great fun. Glad to be back.

10 Responses to “Back on the trails”

1. matt

Welcome Back.

2. Steve

One of us! One of us!

3. Weon

I’m really chuffed for you mate. Let’s ride this weekend – I haven’t been out for a while either!

4. Olly

Mr Clay, that would be rocktastic.

How’s the office?

5. Sara

Glad you got to ride again Olly. In the meantime, I need advice on a bike. Everyone here seems to ride road bikes here and I would like to pick up biking. I wouldn’t venture into the woods alone on a mtn bike yet until I familiarize myself with Belgium so that is why I’m leaning towards a road bike instead. Have any recommendations for me?

6. Olly

Ooh blimey, I know sod all about road bikes :)

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with the big brands (Specialized, Trek, Giant, etc) and if you’ve got a Decalthlon hypermarche nearby, they do some pretty decent stuff.

7. matt

Trek do WSD road bikes, probably.

Belgium’s a very roadie loving place, so you’ll probably find there are loads of bike shops and knowledgeable staff to help you out.

8. Weon

Dude – this was posted 10 days ago. Post something new to distract me from my work.


9. Olly

Bah, something new will appear soon. It will be geeky though, be warned :)

10. Weon

Dude, you are such a geek.