98% of statistics are made up on the spot

I’ve been using Google’s Analytics package for a little while now and the statistics make interesting1 reading. I’ve been quite impressed with it really. The interface is a little ugly (hey, it’s Google), but it gets the job done nicely.

So what do they tell me?

Firstly, you lot need to buck your ideas up. Over half of you are still using Internet Explorer, you crazy fools! There’s plenty of better alternatives out there — and they’re free! Firefox and Opera are the obvious ones.

One of you is still using Internet Explorer 5. Whoever you are, you really need to upgrade.

You lot don’t like Sony, do you?

It’s no surprise to find that a lot of you have trouble with the Sony SonicStage and Connect software that came with your Walkman. The most popular search phrases are about those two, and my rants about them get by far the most traffic. Those of you still looking for an answer, might like to try the ml_sony plugin for Winamp.

Of course I won’t be writing much about them anymore, because they simply don’t work on this shiny new Mac. That’s good in some ways, but it also means that I’m left with a Walkman full of music that I can’t update. If anybody fancies writing a Mac OS-X driver…


Second most popular search term? “Cumfest”. Nicely done folks. I bet you’re not looking for pictures of mountain bikers in the snow either, are you?

Speaking of which, the rest of you are into your bikes. Unfortunately those of you looking for Hope Technology and 24Seven bikes aren’t going find much more than my rants about their awful web-sites.

Hmm, ranting is becoming something of a recurring theme here isn’t it? I’m quite happy-go-lucky in real life…


1. But only if you’re me.

6 Responses to “98% of statistics are made up on the spot”

1. SimonB

Hmmm, I bet if I try and use that winamp plugin it will kill my player :(

Cumfest has been the #1 search term for the last 18 months or so for my site!

2. Pete

I can’t believe you missed all the links to Cumfest :)

3. Olly

There’s no way in hell I’m clicking that at work ;-)

4. Pete

…but at home?????

5. Andrew

im at skool

6. Andrew

im not gonna klik that