“Why ride, when you can fly?”

Last run of the day and myself, Anton and Roger were lined up at the trailhead. Bring the left pedal up, pull the goggles down into place and we’re there.

“What course are we riding then?”
“Love Child? Stu’s Cock?”
“Nah, I think I’m up for DH1.”
“Rocking, let’s do it.”

…and it begins. Anton sets off and I follow right on his tail. Stomp on the pedals to bring the bike up to warp nine down the opening straight, pump it through the dip, then it all goes light as I come up the other side. I’m sure the back wheel should be on the ground through there… chicane, berm, pedalpedalpedal, whoop, hip, chute – EEEEK! Regain composure, pedal, stay high, jump – BRAAAKE, rail it a round 180R, pedal, drop, wiggle, drop onto the path.

Down the short root-chute into part II, wiggle, up-down-wiggle, jump, pedal then off the brakes to Charlie’s drop… BOOF! Full warp off the next two micro-drops, pump through the bottom then fly up the other side. Stall it then drop down to the right, pedal like a bugger for the jump, wooop! then get behind the bike and fly through the rock garden.

Ride down over the roots into part III, pedal like mad then rail it up and around the wall-ride. If you’re me, dive down the singletrack deep into the woods, off the drop, pump the two whoops, pump off the little ramp then rejoin the main trail. Pedal up and over the tramway, then rail it through the tight right-hander. Up and over, then right and down the chute, squirt it back left then down into the new chute. Rail the berm, plop off the jump then bam! into the final berm to the end.

That was proper bo. Confidence was high and we just pinned it everywhere. I honestly don’t think I’ve hit Leckhampton quite that fast before. A fantastic way to end to a great day’s riding.

6 Responses to ““Why ride, when you can fly?””

1. matt

I’m out of breath just reading that!

2. Simon

Me too!

3. Olly

And there was me thinking you two were uber-fit!

4. Owen

Riding Stu’s Cock?

You are wierder that I first thought. I don’t want to go travelling with you any more…

5. Olly

I’m amazed it took this long for someone to pick up on that ;-)

6. G. Jensen

Haha, sounds sweet. I need to see a video.