The key to customer relations management

Don’t send out an email that starts:


…then continues with:

Thank you for recently entering our North Carolina Sweet Potato competition in conjunction with Sainsbury’s, and American Airlines.

You what? I entered a Sweet Potato competition!? When?

We received an incredible number of entries and on this occasion we’re sorry to advise that you weren’t one of our lucky winners.

Now you’re just being mean :-(

If you would prefer not to receive this type of information please click here.

You complete numpties. There’s no link to click! GAAAAHHH!!!

7 Responses to “The key to customer relations management”

1. Simon

That Jamie Oliver is desperate to get us to try something different isn’t he. Go on Olly, sweet potato and rhubarb, pukah tuka.

2. Weon

So, tell us the recipe you prefer for Sweet Potato. I like it roasted or mashed.

3. matt

That’s not fair is it, I’d like to win a year’s supply of Jaffa Cakes, or something more useful anyway :)

4. Olly

How could a year’s supply of Jaffa Cakes be anything other than useful?

5. matt

that’s true.. I always wondered how they quantify ‘A Year’s Supply’ of anything that you win..

One man’s year’s is another man’s week’s ;)

6. Olly

Especially when it comes to you and the magical jaffa cakes ;-)

7. matt

They are magical.