Playing Flickr catch-up

I found a couple of old hard drives lying around at home the other day, so I plugged them in to see if there was anything interesting on there.

I’m quite glad I did really, because I found a shed-load of pictures from my various digital cameras stretching right back to a trip to Afan Argoed in the year 2000. So now I’m slowly but surely backfilling my Flickr stream with some of the better ones. So when you see pictures of out-dated bikes and kit popping up, that’s why – although I still seem to have a lot of that kit now…

If nothing else it’s a great showcase of just how far budget digital cameras have come on over the years. Compare this photo from 2000 to this one from the other day: It’s quite a leap forward.

Update: Flickr caught-up!

A couple of weeks later and I think I’ve finally finished wading through them all now. Follow the links for pictures from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Normal (shonky) service might resume at some point…

6 Responses to “Playing Flickr catch-up”

1. SimonB

I wondered why you were putting loads of old photos on flickr :)

2. Olly

This is just the start – there’s a metric ass-load to come :)

3. SimonB

I’m bored of them now :)

4. Olly

I don’t care, I shall upload them anyway!

5. Weon

Do you have any photos of bikes?

6. Olly

No, just Creme Eggs.