WordPress 2.0.1

Just a quickie to say that I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0.1, and moved things around a bit. Things are bound to be a bit screwy for a while – bear with me while I get them sorted out.

The home page is at plain old thinkdrastic.net as opposed to /journal/ now for a start. You should get redirected cleanly, but I can’t promise anything.

So far, WP2 looks quite nice. The wysiwyg preview is a great little addition.

Update (Monday 20th Feb)

OK, so I might have ever so subtly redesigned the place aswell. I still need to do loads of tweaking, aswell as find somewhere to put my interesting asides.

The really bonkers bit? It’s needed approximately no tweaking for Internet Explorer so far. Crazy biscuits!

Update II (Sunday 26th Feb)

‘Photos’ and ‘Interesting Asides’ make a return to the sidebar. Is that better Matt? You may need to hit ‘refresh’ to get the latest version of the stylesheet or things might look a little odd.

36 Responses to “WordPress 2.0.1”

1. matt

I always assumed it has a wysiwyg editor. I have never use it, I need a good wysiwyg for some projects, do you know if it’s a standalone element or is it a wordpress product?

That said, a wysiwyg editor is only as good as the numpy that uses it, so I doubt I’ll bother ;)

2. Olly

I believe they build in a customised version of TinyMCE. Then they use an iframe to show your post as it would look in the real world as it were.

3. Owen

Holy crap! It’s so light and airy in here. It makes it look much bigger than it actually is.

4. Simon

Its too light :-p seems a bit too big and airy. It is growing on me though.

Oh btw if you go to /journal now it lists the contents of the folder, might wanna stick a re-direct in there :-)

5. Olly

I’m aware of that Si – I had one working but managed to break it :)

6. matt

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule /journal /

in a .htaccess file is my guess (sometimes .htaccess dissappears on the server (because of the . prefix) I keep a local copy (named ,htaccess – again the file dissappears on os x because of the .) transfer it and rename it.


7. matt

(wrap all that crap in)

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>



although I assume you have a .htaccess file already.

8. Olly

I do indeed. The thing is, there’s still stuff in /journal that I want to keep, and I also need to redirect the old feeds and things. I think some poking around on the wordpress forums will reveal me an answer…

9. matt

erm.. why not just set up a rule for ONLY /journal .. using
\/journal$ that should catch ONLY when someone goes to the old journal location, you could do \/journal\/?$ to look for a trailing /
I think that works.. probaly doesn’t my code never does off the top of my head ;)

10. matt

.. and where’s your right side links of interest thing, I loved that, that was the main reason to come to the site, to find interesting pages.

11. Olly

That’s one of the many things that needs sorting out :)

12. Sara

Glad to see things are getting sorted. I visited your site from my vacation and I got a list of all of your files and directories. I went snooping of course and was disappointed I didn’t find any pr0n.

Better luck next time I guess.

13. SimonB

I’ve still be too lazy to update my site to WP2. It’s on my list :)

14. matt

My list has “redesign mattmagic”.. it’s been on the list of for about 2 years.

15. Olly

My list now has “redesign thinkdrastic” again ;-)

16. rjw

My list has “don’t make a list” on it.

17. matt

I need lists, I have no memory.
I need lists, I have no memory.
I nee….

18. grant

My site is a series of temporary redesigns while I sort out the final one.


19. SimonB

I keep forgetting to change my link to your site Grant so that it doesn’t point at a file directory :)

20. SimonB

Olly, did you have any problems going from 1.5 ->2? I should really do my site before I start buggering around with templates.

21. Olly

The only problems I had were because I had severely customised the templates – as far as I can see, yours is still pretty standard so it shouldn’t be a problem.

They’ve got extensive instructions on the support site.

22. SimonB

It worked :)

Lots of playing around needed now though.

23. SimonB

Hey, are you not in the mtb blog ring Olly?

24. Olly

I was at one point I think, might have been another URL though. Can’t remember :)

25. SimonB

I like the flickr latest photos thing.

26. grant

How does that work?

Was wanting to do something like that for somehing I’m working on.

27. Olly

I’ve used the flickrRSS and delicious ++ plugins for WordPress.

28. grant

Sorry, in english?


29. Olly

Like it says on the flickrRSS site:

1. Put the flickrrss.php in your plugins directory
2. If you want to cache images, create a directory and make it writable
3. Activate the plugin
4. Configure your settings via the panel in Presentation
5. Add < ?php get_flickrrss(); ?> somewhere in your templates

RTFM you monkey – or in the case of the latter link, RTFPage and click the link that says English ;-)

30. grant

I thought I was a bear?

31. Sara

People keep posting here because there isn’t any new content. Slacker.

32. Sara

I tried to use my super cool azz smilie… and damn wordpress stripped my image. You should allow people like me to post images… i would keep it clean. I promise.

33. SimonB

I don’t like the way wordpress 2.0.1 buggers about with your fomatting when posting new topics. I preferred the old low tech way in wordpress 1.5.

34. grant

It hasn’t worked. :-(

35. Olly

What hasn’t?

Sara – and there was me thinking it let you use HTML. Never mind eh? :)

36. grant

The flickr thing.