Jet-set lifestyle

Replace the “Jet” with “Train” and you’d be getting there. But that sounds rubbish. Anyway, I digress.

I had a meeting up in Knutsford today, so I jumped on a train out of Cheltenham at silly o’clock this morning. I changed at Birmingham, then progressed to Crewe where I discovered that my connecting train had been cancelled. WOOHOO! I eventually arrived over an hour late, which was just wonderful.

We apologise for the late running of this train…

Fast forward to the return journey this evening: I get all the way back to Birmingham New Street before they thwart me again! This time the train was over half an hour late leaving. Truly fantastic service.

I’m really growing to love travelling by train.

So tomorrow I’m off to London to see a man about some AJAX. Again, I’m catching the train at silly o’clock. This one should be OK in theory – it’s direct. Going by today’s experience though, anything could happen. Wish me luck…

7 Responses to “Jet-set lifestyle”

1. SimonB

Good luck Olly!

On the whole I like trains. Occasionally they fuck you good and proper though.

2. Olly

Aye, generally they’re alright, and some of the new ones are more comfortable than some “luxury” cars I’ve been in.

I wasn’t too badly off though – several people were catching that connecting train to get to the airport. BWAHAHAHAHAAA! ;-)

3. Simon

I’m off to Oxford this w/end and have a change to make. I’m also praying I can get to the station in time to make the first available train. It’s all fun and games.

Remember France Olly? and the double decker trains? see they can get it right why cant we.

4. matt

I want me some AJAX action, perhaps next week I can start looking at it, along with everything else in the goddamn world I need to get done.

If you get told of any good AJAX info/reference/tutorials sites, can you email me please, thanks.

I hate trains too, couldn’t your company give you a car for the journeys??

5. rjw

I recommend for everything you ever need to know about AJAX.

6. matt

*HOW* predicatable was that?

7. rjw