I’m a danger to myself

For once it wasn’t the other traffic endangering me on today’s morning commute. It was me.

I was absolutely flying this morning, despite the constant whinging from my legs. “What are you doing? That really hurts, I can’t be expected to maintain that sort of pace!” The roads were a bit damp but it’s nothing I can’t deal with. Or so I thought.

I’m approaching a right turn, pedalling like I’m an a sprint on Le Tour (really must fit a bigger gear). I look back, signal, carry on for a bit, then throw the bike over into the corner. It tracks cleanly round the bend and I carry on as usual, pedalling like fury to the next obstacle. Except this time it didn’t quite work like that.

This time I threw the bike into the corner and the front wheel decided it wasn’t going to grip. At all. BAM! My knee hits the floor followed by the rest of me. Traffic comes to a halt and a lady is asking me if I’m OK. I get up, smile at her, tell her I’m alright and the world carries on as normal again.

Perhaps turning in at ludicrous speed wasn’t a great idea in the wet – my tyres were never going to grip the white lines and knackered tarmac all that well were they? The best bit is that I’ve managed to bruise the knee and elbow that didn’t hit the ground. It seems that my bike is made of pretty solid stuff :-/

10 Responses to “I’m a danger to myself”

1. Owen

If I had a penny for every time I’ve done the same…

I’d have about 6p.

Get some stabilisers!

2. SimonB

Never mind stabilisers, the easy solution is to not pedal so bloody fast :)

3. Olly

That’s not as much fun though is it? :)

4. grant

Silly boy.
Like the new look site btw.

5. Olly

Thanks Dr. Septimus :)

I tell you what, I must have given my left knee (the one that didn’t hit the ground) a hell of a clout, it still aches now :(

6. Simon

At your age you really need to be slowing down… Maybe one of those little motorised wheelchair thingies would be safer :)

7. grant

There’s a plague of them here in Cowdenbeath, mostly driven by people with no legs. why are there so many?!?!?!?!!?!

It’s a weird little town sometimes.

8. Olly

Well you live there for a start ;-)

9. Sara

such a criminal. tsk tsk.

10. Frankie

Dearest Ollie! You need to wear your knee pads, and back brace, and bubble wrap and a siren on your helmet!
Brett must have been throwing himself off rails in Nendaz in sympathy, hurt his back but is back on form now. Bought a back brace after the deed, déjà vu!
Best wishes,