A slightly chilly commute

It’s really bloody cold out there! By the time I got home my gloves were icing up and my face was beginning to go numb. It’s only a couple of miles!

What’s more I had to ride most of it on the pavement thanks to thick fog rendering me nearly invisible. I tried riding in the road but one or two cars passed me so close that they clearly weren’t aware of my existence. HELLOOO! THERE’S A BIG FLASHING RED LIGHT AND LOADS OF REFLECTIVE BITS ALL OVER ME! Fools. The thing is, when the fog’s like that, you can’t really see oncoming pedestrians or gert big kerbs, which makes things interesting. Still, I got back alive and without killing or even slightly maiming anybody. In these conditions that’s a result.

Right, the remainder of my apple crumble awaits me. Must dash…

4 Responses to “A slightly chilly commute”

1. Owen

I love this time of year. As you rightly point out though, the dicing with death is not a high point! Still, you had your crumble to console you.

2. Dangerous Dave B

But you have the Beard of Homelessness to protect you now… :)

3. Olly

It’s of no use when it’s full of ice :(

4. Dangerous Dave B

..or small foxes and owls. which are also frozen. :)