All these things rock:

  • My Orange 222. Stable, planted, fast, FUN! Oh, and removing the brake-arm didn’t appear to make any difference to the ride. One afternoon’s riding without it isn’t exactly an extensive test, I know…
  • Topshelf Components. I ordered a custom built new wheel, and found it waiting on the doorstep the following day. Fantastic service. The Aireal stuff they sell is pretty damn good aswell.
  • G-Dog’s new trails. Funtastic aceness – except for that drop. It’s just plain silly.
  • Falling off your bike and not hurting yourself.
  • Fog. It made Cheltenham disappear entirely, which looked cool from the top of the hill.
  • The current albums by Maximo Park, Hard-Fi and Bloc Party, not to mention some older ones by Everlast, Haven and The Black Keys.
  • Apple crumble and custard. In fact, I think I deserve another portion…

7 Responses to “All these things rock:”

1. matt


my bike’s almost entirely not working properly.
my forks have travel in y and z axis now :o

2. matt

++ did you a get red bull flavoured hub?

3. Olly

No, the 150mm hub is only available in black. Looks pretty sweet laced to an black 823 rim though :)

Just need a matching one for the front now…

4. brett

the weekend was good – the trails our good and i remembered i have snowboard clothing so this morning was not cold !

5. matt

Black’s cool

my chain didn;t fall off today RESULT!
I did however do 1/2 the ride with the rear caliper prizing apart under braking because I forgot to replace the bolt that holds it together after I had replaced the pads :o

6. Olly


You want some of these new fangled one-piece calipers :)

7. matt

I Can’t use them on my bike
I am still kicking it with a 1996 closed 2!