The rough with the smooth.

Been a while hasn’t it? Lazy bullet-point post:

  • The garage got broken into. We lost a load of bike bits (Azonic Saber, Coyote XC-2 and GT LTS3 frames, Manitou Dorado and Marzocchi Z5 forks, a Hope E4 brake and various other bits), a load of power tools and some other miscellanea. Bastards.
  • We had a party, which was blinking ace. The fireworks were comical, especially the ones Brett launched at 3am. I went to bed at 4:30 and it continued for another hour and a half.
  • Today Raj told me that he’s scared of fireworks.
  • We took the DH bikes to Cwncarn for the day again. Absolutely fantastic fun, up until my front brake died – right at the end of the final run of the day. Lucky lucky boy.
  • We went karting at JDR Gloucester. Bonkers fun. Charlie is far too good at it. Lord Everitt has an interesting overtaking style that involves knocking opponents off the track in whatever manner he can. G-Dog has too, but he’s a bit more discreet about it.

And thats all I can be arsed with now. Laters.

4 Responses to “The rough with the smooth.”

1. Owen

Can I interest anyone in an Azonic Saber, Coyote XC-2 or GT LTS3 frame? £50 each.

I also have some Manitou Dorado and Marzocchi Z5 forks, a Hope E4 brake and a load of power tools. You can have the lot for £200.

2. Olly

/phones local mafia, to call in a favour.

3. Owen

/runs away

4. Olly

Hey, it’s just occurred to me – those were your Z5s at one point Owen.