Crystal Palace 2 – Liverpool 1

Woohoo! We beat Liverpool! I really wasn’t expecting that result at all, so I’m really quite happy about it. So much so that a teensy little bit of gloating was required:

SMS From: Olly Mobile
To: Baggus Mobile
So does that mean
we're better than
the european
champions then?
SMS From: Baggus Mobile
To: Olly Mobile
I think cheltenham
town under 16's
are better than
us at the moment

Nice. Good win for Blackburn too there Mr Pollard.

8 Responses to “Crystal Palace 2 – Liverpool 1”

1. Simon

3 Liverpool fans here at work, all concentrating on Europe now :-p I so want them to sell Cisse then they wont win anything :-) Only so many times you can say Crouch has a good touch for a big fella.

It’s always nice to beat Leeds I must admit, now lets see if we draw you in the next round.

2. Owen

That’s so Raven

3. Raj

You are all dipsticks.

4. Olly

Maybe so, but at least we’re still in the league cup ;-)

5. Sara

SMS From: Olly Mobile
To: Sara Mobile
I love american
football. I just can’t
tell my mates. it

SMS From: Sara Mobile
To: Olly Mobile
Your secret is
safe with me. :)

6. SimonB

/chuckle :)

7. Owen

Olly ‘The Refrigerator’ Hodgson

8. Simon

SMS From: Sports News
To: Simon Mobile
Olly ‘The Refrigerator’ Hodgson tests positive for Lemsip and is shamed out of the NFL.