Album of your life

Owen posted an album of his life today. He’s by no means the first either – Stuart posted the wonderful Ubermix a while back aswell.

I’ve thought about doing a similar thing myself a few times in the past. The thing is, I don’t think I could – at least not without it being a huge multi-disc compendium. There’s just so much that i’d want to put in there, and I can’t see myself being able to edit it down to one CD at all.

The problem lies with albums, or rather that I can’t pick out one particular track. I too remember the evenings in the first year of college spent listening to Portishead’s Dummy. There’s no way I could pick one standout track from there – there’s too much good stuff to choose from. Then there’s the other albums that I played to death back then: The Fat of the Land, Mezzanine, Brothers Gonna Work It Out and Asylum to name but a few. How can I take just one track from each of those? I can’t (especially seeing as one of them is a mix album where are no tracks as such).

Sod it I thought, I’ll list off my all time favourite albums. That’s all well and good, except even that list got far far far too long within a space of about ten minutes. Right then, favourite artists it is then. Or rather, it isn’t, because again, there’s bloody loads of them. So I’ve given up on that idea for now.

So it seems that Olly’s favourite band is “Various Artists”. Stick that on your shiny new iPod, it’s bound to be good.

19 Responses to “Album of your life”

1. Thomas

I don’t have nearly enough music to choose a favorite band…but The Prodigy would definitly be high up…and for some reason I have the sudden urge to play ZZtop Gimme All Your Loving…

2. Simon

Come on now Olly you know you could just pick Kylies greatest hits and be happy :-p

Have to say Portisheads live in NYC version of Roads is by far the best track by them :-)

3. matt

I chuckled at Owen’s list, nice inclusion of Five Star!

My fav album is created daily with iTunes shuffle function.

4. Sara

I usuall have my stuff on shuffle. Ive got 55gb of music, its hard to choose. Today I listened to alot of 90s stuff: Smashing Pumpkins, pearl jam, alice in chains, etc.

5. Owen

I find that my Mystery iTunes Shuffle Best Ever Album is often ruined by the sudden and random inclusion of a Christmas song! I should work out how to remove that album from the shuffle but it would ruin the game of Rush-song Roulette. I love word play.

6. Simon

iHate iTunes iTs iNcredibly iOverated (ok I couldn’t think of a good i word).

I listen to albums… I guess people dont do that anymore these days then.

7. Owen

I mostly listen to albums. In iTunes. All my CDs in one small Mac Mini shaped box. No disc swapping. It’s great.

8. Sara

I usually use Winamp. Guess I’m in the minority here. But I do listen to albums quite often. I probably listen to an artist more often than I listen to an album though and I just shuffle up the songs.

9. dale

i just know my soundtrack would have to include rhubarb and custard. dig that guitar, dude.

10. Simon

I use winamp when playing stuff on my pc, its better than any other, windows media player is pure evil. I like to be able to easily create on the go playlists.

Anyways on topic, part one of my list is on my site now :-)

11. matt

MY mp3 drive’s full, I need a new one, but it’s partitioned with loads of work, so it’s going to be a pain to make space free, maybe I’ll buy one of those network drive things… but that costs money.


12. Owen

[cough]Mac Mini[cough]

13. Olly

Owen – you can stop iTunes picking up the xmas songs by un-ticking the tick box next to them in the library.

14. Owen

Sweet. Thanks Olly. You are, as ever, one of the most useful people I know.

15. gdog

It’s more the album of the day, the trouble is they’re all in my head ahhh the noise!

16. matt

[cough]Mac Mini[cough]

I already have 3 macs, and I am waiting til July for an intellimac

17. Simon

iTunes 6 is out so soon cause of the video iPod, ready in time for christmas when they hope that every fool will own one :-) mind you if its £220 for a 30gb thats actually not a bad price, thats a shocker for Apple stuff.

18. Olly

Apple stuff isn’t generally much more expensive than their competitors. Compare their PCs to Dell for instance and you’ll find they’re actually very competitive.

I quite like the look of the new iPod – especially if the battery life is actually as good as they say it is. That’s been my only gripe with previous versions to be honest. It is indeed £219 at the UK Apple store. I’d have to change the earphones for black ones though, obviously ;-)

19. Simon

If you dont own one yet then I think its an alright buy for music… however 2 hours battery life for video, hardly worth it now is it. Especially with the fact it charges via usb. The older iPods seemed expensive compared to others, and the nano pricing is a jock. I still think you are better off picking up something else, the 30gb HD5 for example. It has better sound and doesn’t come with nasty white headphones.

Done a feature on my main site anyways :-)