Use it or lose it.

I don’t really care enough to be particularly bothered by the outcome of this election.

Why? Realistically[1], there’s only two parties that are likely to end up in power: The Labour Party and The Conservatives. Their leaders both come across as complete slimeballs who are completely incapable of giving a straight answer to a question. Any question. Laugh all you like at the No, that’s where we differ sketches from the Fast Show but when interviewed for Chanel Four News over the past couple of nights that’s exactly how they came across.

So I voted — its my democratic right and I don’t really want to lose that — and I didn’t go in for any of that ridiculous tactical voting either, but I’m not really fussed who wins it. The government gets in either way.

[1] Well OK, so realistically there’s only one likely winner, but we’ll gloss over that.

3 Responses to “Use it or lose it.”

1. Owen

I’m hoping that the next election will contain phrases like “This is our policy, look how good it is” rather than “Look at their policy, it’s crap”.
All in all, politics is shockingly pap.
Let’s all move to a tropical island and set up our own government.

2. Olly

Aye, New Zealand would be nice.

3. Jon

maybe that’s an idea for the next reality tv show.

celebrity government island (uncovered).