Mr Scruff

So we’re sat in The Conservatory having a pint on a friday night. The DJ ends his set with I might as well plug the album. Its called Trouser Jazz and its been out a while.

BLOODY HELL! That’s Mr Scruff! Playing in our local!

About 24 hours later, Owen and myself are at the town hall for his proper gig. Pete was supposed to be joining us, but unfortunately he was stuck at some family do or other. Its safe to say that he missed out, big style.

We had a fantastic evening, spent chatting at the bar to various random people we hadn’t seen in ages and dancing to one of the most random mixes I have ever come across. A nice selection of classical jazz standards, mixed in with various cool rhythms from around the world. Then just when you thought it was safe he’d chuck in some big and bouncy hip-hop number or some classic techno. This was of course sprinkled with Mr Scruff’s own tunes — Spandex Man went down a storm. The graphics up on the big screens were ace too. Classic Mr Scruff imagery mixed in with a selection of fantastic slogans like Wobble Those Legs!, Drink Tea!!! and Big Up Cheltenham Massive.

Before we left Owen bought a tea towel and I got myself a nice mug. I’d probably have bought a teapot too, but they were a tad expensive.

All in all a quality night out, despite the lightning and torrential rain on the way home. It was quite amusing watching people absolutely jump out of their skin at the sound of thunderbolts.

3 Responses to “Mr Scruff”

1. Simon #2

New Mr Scruff album out soon :o) plus I recommend you have a look at Zen DVD for some Mr Scruff videos and other weird and wonderful ones from others as well. It also has the 1-2-3-4-5, 6-7-8-9-10, 11-12 Sesame Street song on it, classic :op

2. Owen

Man, I was soooo wet by the time I got home. My trousers took a whole day to dry out! It was a quality night out though.
Nice thumb comment!

3. Olly

Aye, it was a tad damp wasn’t it? Good job they had a cloakroom for all of those people who brought coats with them ;o)

I wonder how many people ran back inside and bought Mr Scruff umbrellas?