Well isn’t that just typical?

Unless you’ve been living on Mars (or indeed anywhere else outside of the UK) for the past three weeks, you’ll no doubt be aware that there’s a new series of Doctor Who airing on BBC One. Unfortunately I missed the first two episodes, but luckily Bit Torrent came to the rescue and I spent a couple of hours catching up with them this afternoon. I happened to look at the clock about two thirds of the way through the second episode and realised that i’d just missed the third one on real telly. Arse biscuits. Not to worry, I’m sure the internet will come to the rescue once more…

To be honest I didn’t think they’d be up to much, but I really enjoyed them. They were just as silly as Doctor Who always has been, had the odd creepy moment (aye, I mean the bit in the basement with the manequins) and were generally good fun to watch. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Mmmm, cleanliness!

In other news, I absolutely stink of bleach. I had a ludicrously long lie-in this morning, couldn’t be arsed to go out on my bike when I did drag myself out of bed and in the end I cleaned the bathroom, hence the subtle odour around my person. I did finally get around to sorting out the Big Red Stiffee though, so it should be rideable if I can be arsed with it tomorrow.

And then I booted a Hedgehog…

In a fit of complete geekery, I also downloaded the live CD of the new release of Ubuntu Linux, nicknames “Hoary Hedgehog”. For those of you that don’t know, Linux is an alternative operating system (like Windows or MacOS) and a live CD lets you try it out without actually installing it on your hard drive.

Ubuntu Linux Logo

Its dubbed “the Linux for human beings”, and it seemed to work well enough. It was a lot like Windows really – its got a nice browser (Firefox), email (Evolution), office suite (OpenOffice), graphics package (Gimp) and even a decent set of games (including the lovely Gnometris). Unfortunately it lacks a few key applications (iTunes, Photoshop and TopStyle for a start) and I can’t be bothered to learn a whole new OS right now. Oh, and Ubuntu seem to like brown a bit too much for my liking. Maybe next time eh?

18 Responses to “Well isn’t that just typical?”

1. matt

ep 3 was as bad as the others, ok I only tollerated 10mins and that as just to spy on Billie :)

2. Olly

Nah, it was great! You could tell it was written by that bloke from the League of Gentlemen though :)

3. Owen

Dr Who is winning me over. The first episode was a bit ropey (perhaps intentionally to hark back to the good/bad old days) but I’m enjoying it! It’s never going to match anything American as they have huge budgets but I think that Mr Ecclestone is quite a good Dr (reminds me of Tom Baker) and Billie (despite her extremely questionable mockney accent) is pretty good as the assistant.

Overall, 7.5/10.

End of review.

4. grant

The Doctor rocks.

Cove Stiffees rock.

Nuff said.

5. matt

You could tell it was written by that bloke from the League of Gentlemen though :)
thought it was the bloke who did Queer as Folk?

Anyway, TV sucks.

6. Olly

Mark Gatiss wrote the third one.

And yes, it sucks great big ostrich eggs..

7. matt

Third what?


whatever, great show.

8. Olly

No, Doctor Who you monkey :)

9. Jon

Hey, glad you like the new Who Olly.

It’s been getting a fair bit of ticks in boxes from most people out there (apart from the Christopher Eccleston hate-club).

yeah, I really rate CE. Although Billy Piper’s mockney accent winds me up.

10. brett

no update, boring what am i supposed to do now then ehe ?

11. Olly

Do some work! ;-)

Apparently the BBC are getting complaints that the new Dr Who is too scary! Brilliant!

12. Simon #2

The only scary thing is Billys cor blimey guv’nor accent, which im sure she wasn’t asked to do but does it “cause she wants to”

*gets coat*

13. Olly

/Gets large frying pan, commences slapping Simon about with it.

14. greymullet

Aside from Billie, I think it’s great. She really annoys me though. I can just about put up with her.

15. Jon

Apparently Dick van Dyke is the next Doctor.

16. Olly

Nah, I reckon it’ll be Barry.

17. matt

Barry from the Chuckle Brothers?

18. Olly

Possibly. Or perhaps Barry van Dyke from “Diagnosis Murder”.