People seem to be happy this evening.

I’m happy, because Wiggle are replacing the broken stuff, free of charge, which is nice. Good service makes me happy.

The girl who cleans the office, who is usually miserable, was all happy and smiley this evening. The girl in the shop on the way home was all smiley too. Maybe its because I’m being happy and smiley (though not significantly more than usual), or maybe I’ve got DULLARD tattooed across my forehead or something?

Answers on a postcard…

9 Responses to “Happy”

1. matt

They all want a piece of you.

2. Olly

Its possible. But that doesn’t explain the change from their usual miserable selves does it?

3. matt

They only succumed to their feelings about you today :)

4. Simon#2

I vote for DULLARD myself… or some kind of chemical plant has been burning stuff again and there was a strong wind into Cheltenham

5. matt

Or Aceeeeed in the watersupply (hence the smiley)

6. Olly

Its not DULLARD. I checked in the mirror and everything. Unless its a vampire tattoo and has no reflection…

7. matt

It was a temporary tattoo and wore off before you got home??

8. Simon #2

Or only non-dullards can read it it…

9. Olly

They were both back to being miserable again this evening.