That was really really good…OH CRAP!!!

It was going really well. I’d had a great ride, was absolutely caked in mud and was still singing the Chemical Brothers track I’d heard earlier. I was generally a very happy bunny who was riding his bike home.

I’d ridden up the Sandy Lane side of Leckhampton, down the other side, up over the Woodland trust land, down past the cows and sheep, back up Lecky, through 1/20th Utah and Proflex Alley, down the old slalom track (EEEEK!), up towards Sandy Lane again, across the top to The Viewpoint, down via Dog Poo Alley and Fast Tony (ah, them were the days), before coming down the old tramway and heading for home.

I’d discovered that the Stiffee’s new tyres aren’t very good in thick claggy mud, but are pretty good everywhere else. I’d remembered just how bad v-brakes can be, and just how quickly you can get through pads. I’d also remembered why I used to use SPD pedals for cross-country rides. Might have to get me some new bike shoes.

And then the chain came off. “No bother” I thought. I stopped, got off and went to put it back on.

Huh? OH [loud expletive]!

It would appear that the jockey wheel and side-plates are no longer attached to the Singleator that I fitted yesterday. I wandered back up the road a bit and find the missing bits lying on the road, now somewhat mangled after a succession of cars has driven over them.

Its taken me all of one ride to kill it. As you can imagine, I’m really happy about that. Back to the old mech for now then…

3 Responses to “That was really really good…OH CRAP!!!”

1. Simon #2

Chemical Brothers new album is rather good, which is nice seeing as the last one was rather poor. Oh and Stiffee is still funny, think it always will be :o)

2. Olly

Mmm, I’ve liked the last two singles (electronic battle weapon number 24775687767 and Galvanise) – is the album actually out yet, or have you been messing with time machines again?

3. Simon #2

Its out on the 24th (my Birthday!) and yes I travelled in time… ;o) I recomend getting it or asking me nicely for a copy. Mercury Rev’s new album is also out on the 24th and also worth getting. Dont have it yet mind.