Geek Kit

I get home. I log on. I see that Apple have announced some very cool new kit.

I soon find myself in the Apple Store pricing up a new machine.

“Oooh, I’d like that … that looks cool … there’s no point in owning a computer if you don’t have the Creative Suite … an Elgato DVB PVR would be nice …”

And all of a sudden I was hit by “Order Total: £3,234.00”.

I closed the window and backed slowly away from the PC. Why does Apple gear have to be so very very tempting to a geek like me?

You know, I think I might well find myself buying a Mac Mini in the not too distant future.

9 Responses to “Geek Kit”

1. Simon #2

Because you pay for design with Apple, they are rip-off merchants, esp with ipods and the like. Far too much white as well :op

2. Olly

£339 for the MacMini is a rip off? And Microsoft charging £150 for their operating system isn’t a rip-off? Phaaa…

This site is a bit borken down there. I need to fix it.

3. Simon #2

I have issues with style sheets… things seem to disapear a lot. So my site is not quite how I want it yet :o(

Yes microsoft are also rip-off merchants, but then we dont always give them money :op

The mac mini is for people who bought an ipod and then realised they work better with macs :op

4. Olly

No they don’t! They work exactly the same with Windows PCs, foo! The Mac mini is for people who want a cheap computer. Seems to fill that niche quite nicely to me.

As for CSS, let me know what you want to do and I’ll see if I can help.

5. david tiley

I theenk.. the new minimac will have a couple of advantages:

1. really really small footprint so it is possible to have almost as uncluttered a desktop and have your own monitor which you don’t have to upgrade every time you change the specs. (I am using a pudding iMac right here and now and you can see the problem..)

2. you can maybe put it in a bag and carry it around, almost like a laptop.. might be useful.

6. matt

That’s a good point… I quite fancy one to replace my powerbook, it’s twice as fast and 1/4 of the price!

However I have enough computers and can;t afford one (and the inevitable purchase of a silly expensive screen for it.)

7. Olly


(and the inevitable purchase of a silly expensive screen for it.)

Aye, I just know I’d end up buying a 23″ cinema screen for it :o)

8. david

It always surprises my at the emotion that Apple and its products have with some people. Some are devoted fun-boys, others can’t stand them.

I am a windows user and am also very likley to get a mini. I think the point will be to let the OS come to those of us unfamiliar with it. My initial reaction will be to want it to work like XP. I plan on just sort of going with the flow of OSX and seeing if it is as enjoyable as it is supposed to be. Hopefully it will be.

9. matt

I like Macs
I just don’t like the price / crap battery life / bit crap sometimes.