So. Very. Very. Tired.

I went to bed at a reasonably resonable hour.

I was knackered. I’d had a series of consecutive late nights, not really doing anything much — just not really realising what the time was until it was too late. I’d spent most of the weekend out on my bike. I had virtually no energy, but I managed to enjoy myself nonetheless. I was out in the open air with friends after all.

And now here I was, just lying in bed. Wide awake. For hours on end. I tried reading, but I was too tired to concentrate. Tired that is, not sleepy. If only. I tried clearing my find of all thoughts, but ended up being wide awake with nothing to think about. I tried counting sheep, but just found the whole concept comical, which never helps.

I remember seeing my clock at 05:09 and then suddenly MEEP! MEEP! MEEP! MEEP! MEEP! MEEP! Without any warning whatsoever its 08:15. A few snoozes later I force myself to get out of bed.

About twenty minutes further into the day and I’m dragging my bike out of the door and heading for work. This is going to be a very long day…

5 Responses to “So. Very. Very. Tired.”

1. matt

I can;t sleep til abotu 3am at the moment (4 last night), I have to jump out of bed or the duvet monster will pin me down and force me to snooze til about 11.

2. Olly

The duvet monster? FNARRR FNARRR!

3. matt


4. Simon #2

I’m finally blogging again, so read that, you’ll soon be sleepy :op

5. Olly

Zzzzzzz…Zzzzzzz…Zzzzzzz…Zzzzzzz…Zzzzzzz… ;-)