Chasing him down

Just like yesterday, the highlight of today’s ride came right at the end.

This time I followed Alex down the old tramway. He was on his cross-country bike (a nice little Cove Handjob XC), whereas I was on my gert big full-susser.

He set off ahead of me, absolutely powering through the tight, flat singletrack. I was stuggling to keep up through there — it was all I could do to stay in contention with him. Then the trail heads downhill, over a series of rooty steps – and he’s not slowing up at all. I’d best let off the brakes then. Jaysus! He’s quick through the s-bend, I’ll have to try that line next time. Ahh, it gets really bumpy now! HA! Now look who’s the fastest!

The scary thing was that he wasn’t holding me up at all, until it got really rough and my rear suspension came into play. Even then I wouldn’t have gone a great deal faster.

Its always fun chasing a good rider down through the singletrack like that. The competitiveness kicks in along with the adrenalin: you just can’t let them get away. It really forces you to push your riding envelope and go for it. Its slightly galling when they’re on less suitable equipment and they still force you to push the envelope, but it doesn’t make it any less fun trying to keep up.

It also means you can see where they make the time up on you. In Alex’s case he simply brakes less than I do — he only uses them where he really needs them. He also takes slightly different lines through some sections: only slightly different, but enough to make him that little bit faster. Its probably the most fun way to learn how to go faster.

2 Responses to “Chasing him down”

1. grant

Best (section of a) ride recently was at Tress’ Spooky Woods was when I was chasing Gordon down on his 66.

Funny thing though was that, even though I was hammering it behind him, trying to keep him in sight, when we got to the bottom, he proclaimed that he felt slow.

GIT!! ;-)

2. Olly

Phaaa, he would say that, some bloke on an old Heckler just kept up with him through Spooky Woods ;o)