Mr Salad Fingers

Freaky, Wierd, Unhinged, Scary, Nutbar.

36 Responses to “Mr Salad Fingers”

1. Flo

ohh, i saw that ages ago….i laughed my head off…but i do like that sick humor…

2. willie webster

i love salad fingers. it was the best ever! it is just fasinating. saladd fingers is what inspired me to make my own cartoons.i will definatly make a fan club for this

3. raven

I love salad fingers he is smeksy i want to lick him

4. Courtney-xox

Haha! Absolutely love Salad Fingers!

5. zac

i love salad fingers if it was a girl id marry her im adicteve to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Jasanna Cuch

This is an odd cartoon with twisted humor that I found myself getting more interested in. I’ve told co-workers, friends, and family about the SALAD FINGERS character and the various episodes. I look forward seeing new episodes soon! Keep up the crazy bizarre cartoon!

7. hubert cumberdale

saladfingers is my best friend i don’t know what i would do with out him

8. John Harrington

Mr.Slad fingures The imagination is a cool and inspiriing tool that we posessMr.Salad Fingers is a great exsample of it’s Creators imagination and even twisted,Salad fingers kixxx assssss!!!

9. super sexy pimperish xoxo

salad fingerz iz so sexxii i want too eat im up !!!!!!!!! hez my boyfriend so bak off all ya hataz !!!!!!!!!

10. anonymous

Salad Fingers is a girl isnt she? Cuz she got married, wore a wedding dress, and had tea parties.

11. hans

I believe Salad Fingers represents the darkest places the human mind can reach. I find some of it humorous, although I don’t believe it was intended to be. It is a brilliant series, and as fucked up and weird as it sometimes gets I think it is a wonderful representation of the most base, depressing and mentally ill thoughts of humanity.

12. maxine

Salad fingers is crazy. I’d heard of it numerous times but just recently watched it. It is by far the craziest cartoon I have ever been intrested in.

13. Hoser

Salad fingers is awsome but i can’t tell if salad fingers is a boy or a girl….cuz in one episode he is dressed up like a chick.. oh the one where milk comes out of his “teat” made me think he was a chick. he also thinks the feeling of rust is orgasmic….so i dont know
but what ever salad fingers is it’s awsome:)

14. Liss

i dont know what to say

15. slicdic

wow man thats trippy

16. wally

yo yo salad fingers is the boom

17. jessica

i love that cuz showed it to me cause i love sick and dark hunor

18. tom

it’s not “weird”, “twisted”, “creepy”, “dark” or any of that. it’s a contrived attempt at being all those things to make you teenage goths part with your dollars.

19. Olly

Who are you calling a teenage goth? ;)

20. Hubert Cumberdale

Hubert Cumberdale for president!

21. Rezzn

Slad Fingers is fantastic, a tantalizing dip into the macabre. It makes me laugh and spins my head around at the same time. I have watched several episodes, some multiple times and I can’t quite wrap me head around it..and that is the point. Let yourself swim in the madness for a moment!

22. salad fingers

he is weird but cool i think they should make more episodes.

23. Sarra

I think Salad Fingers Is Ment To Represent the aftermath of a Nueclar War. After all He found his brother back from “The Great War” everyone seems to be deforded “The Cuboard” looks like a bomb shelter and most people cannont speak properly. There are no trees,no colours and not many people.

24. cathy

i love salaaaad Fingggggggggggggggers he is my friend.

me and jess wanna have salad fingers as well we have had lot’s of fun watching the shows and people should make more.

me and jess have a collection of rusty spoons as well we trade with salad finger he came to my house and we had a tea party. :) :) :) :) :)

25. samuel

its metaly disterbing

26. samuel

hes scary and funny

27. WTF



No, i’m not a 10 years old boy who can’t take such things. Im 19 years old.

28. Ceetoz boy

Hey guys r u out of ur minds.!! i mean yeah he is funny but y do u want him ass ur friend?!!!

29. Gabby

I love Salad Fingers! But I am not sure if Salad Fingers is a girl or a boy. My brothers friend showed Salad Fingers to me because I really do enjoy dark, sensless humor. ;D

30. Gabby

So…. next person to make a comment can you please tell me if Salad Fingers is a boy or a girl? :P

31. Gabby

wait. it says mr salad fingers… never mind

32. killainjersy

well, IM ONLY A FUCKIN 12 YEAR OLD, and i love SALAD FINGERS so if u have anything bad to say GO FUCK YOURE MATHA FUCKIN MTHA AND SHUT THE FUCK UP U FUCKIN BITCHES. srry :D. the only thing i want to know is WHY IS HE SO WEIRD. they should make a sequal to sho y hes weird someone told me its cause he went throgh nuclear warfare. thats y everyones deformed.

33. Sarah

You guys are assigning gender roles based on actions which is something that needs to start being looked down upon.

I study this in sociology and psychology, we pin genders with different activities often times thinks like wearing dresses and tea parties. Just because Salad Fingers did wear a dress and announce he was getting married doesn’t mean he’s female. And also, the previous comment about the milk coming from his breast, men can lactate too. Its far more complex and harder and less nourishing because of a lack of fat pockets but still, a man can do it. You probably just think its weird because its against your social norms and customs. Its not something you deal with everyday so I can see why we all kinda get confused when people do that. But there could be a culture or third world country where this is normal.

Point blank, in the picnic episode Mable/Mabel calls him “Mr. Fingers”, Salad Fingers is in fact male in my opinion. Make it what you want, but thats how i’ve always perceived him as.

34. RYAN


35. Samantha

This is so fucking stupid. I mean there is nothing even funny about it. Salad Fingers is a retarded messed up thing to get people to pay money for shirts and stuff. Nice going Goths for messing up the world with salad fingers.

36. Aaron R.

sarah, the person who studies sociology and psycho­logy. i agree with what you said completle but there is some stuff you left out of your calculations. im still not sure if salad fingers is a boy or girl. i really want to kno because i love the episodes. it is true that males can lactate, and obviously salad fingers is twisted and if he was a male it wouldnt suprise me if he would dress up in a wedding dress and such but there is still some un answered questions that you might not have noticed.
for one he flirts with the dead corps “Keneth” when hes all dressed up for dinner, also if he was a male why would the little BOY that watches salad fingers and traps him in a box be atracted to him and try to give a ring to him salad fingers were a male… thats one big clue that you didnt put into consideration. im still not sure which he/she is and its debateable i am leaning towards female but it does seem obvious in all other episodes that its a he.. i want to say its a she for the sake that its the least noticable and the episode are odd and random and has alot of twists so id like to think he being a she is another awsome twist in this world that was created that would make it even better!!!!

MAKE MORE EPISODES!!!!!!!! I WANT TO STUDY MORE ABOUT THIS “salad fingers” and his/her life