Scrobble This, Motherhubbard!


It was Stuart who first introduced me to Audioscrobbler. Its goes like this:

  1. You visit the site and sign up.
  2. You download and install a little plugin for your media player of choice.
  3. Now everyone in the world can see what you’re listening to and tell you just how bad your musical tastes are! Acetastic!

What completely threw me was the large similarities between the music that myself and Stuart listen to. Still, I guess we’re both English blokes of a similar age. Its just that he’s already gone and done some horrendously grown-up things like emigrate and get married. Both things I can’t ever see myself doing at the moment. Hey ho.

2 Responses to “Scrobble This, Motherhubbard!”

1. SimonB

Olly, that is really cool. Set one up for myself now. Couldn’t get it to work with Foobar2000 so am giving iTunes a go. I’ve added an RSS2 feed for my music to my hompage but might try and work out how to get it to display my current tracks directly if I get a chance.

2. Olly

Sweet! I’m not altogether convinced I like what iTunes is playing at me. I mean, just because I have a Dido album doesn’t mean I actually want to listen to it ;-)