Crystal Palace 2 – Liverpool 1

Woohoo! We beat Liverpool! I really wasn’t expecting that result at all, so I’m really quite happy about it. So much so that a teensy little bit of gloating was required:

SMS From: Olly Mobile
To: Baggus Mobile
So does that mean
we're better than
the european
champions then?
SMS From: Baggus Mobile
To: Olly Mobile
I think cheltenham
town under 16's
are better than
us at the moment

Nice. Good win for Blackburn too there Mr Pollard.

8 Responses to “Crystal Palace 2 – Liverpool 1”

1. comment_author_url)) { ?> Simon Simon

3 Liverpool fans here at work, all concentrating on Europe now :-p I so want them to sell Cisse then they wont win anything :-) Only so many times you can say Crouch has a good touch for a big fella.

It’s always nice to beat Leeds I must admit, now lets see if we draw you in the next round.

2. comment_author_url)) { ?> Owen Owen

That’s so Raven

3. comment_author_url)) { ?> Raj Raj

You are all dipsticks.

4. comment_author_url)) { ?> Olly Olly

Maybe so, but at least we’re still in the league cup ;-)

5. comment_author_url)) { ?> Sara Sara

SMS From: Olly Mobile
To: Sara Mobile
I love american
football. I just can’t
tell my mates. it

SMS From: Sara Mobile
To: Olly Mobile
Your secret is
safe with me. :)

6. comment_author_url)) { ?> SimonB SimonB

/chuckle :)

7. comment_author_url)) { ?> Owen Owen

Olly ‘The Refrigerator’ Hodgson

8. comment_author_url)) { ?> Simon Simon

SMS From: Sports News
To: Simon Mobile
Olly ‘The Refrigerator’ Hodgson tests positive for Lemsip and is shamed out of the NFL.