HTML / CSS Form Experiment #1

Oliver Hodgson, August 2005

An exercise in styling forms purely using CSS. Looks great in Firefox 1.0.6 and Mozilla 1.7.3, functional in Internet Explorer for Windows 5 and 6 (lacking the rounded corners, some input width issues). Apparently, it works in Safari too (no rounded corners there either). Thanks to Khoi Vinh for checking that one.

Uses elastic techniques (page and contents scale along with the text size) along with max/min-width to stop the page getting too big/small (athough IE ignores the latter two, the thicko).

Lorem Ipsum

Vivamus pulvinar porta nulla. Duis viverra.

Log in form

This is a very simple log-in form.

Monkey Choice

These ones let you have multiple monkeys!

These ones only let you have one monkey. Make sure it's a good one!

Upload a thingy

Phasellus eget neque vel augue elementum dictum. Suspendisse id dui.

There's no legend on this one. Controversial eh?