An ice-cold stream

Well that was expensive. I burned through a set of disc pads, put a hole in the side of my shoe and to top it all off, I somehow punctured my camelbak’s bladder. That’s a comfortable feeling, let me tell you. A slow but steady stream of ice-cold water running down the centre of your back until… well, you can guess where it goes from there. Then there was the unceasing headwind which somehow faced me no matter which direction I rode.

Despite all that, I had a bucketload of fun. I rode trails I’d not ridden in ages. I discovered an enchanted cottage hidden in the woods. I had a bleating match with a freshly shorn sheep. I blasted down the sides of fields, along fire-roads and though twisting technical singletrack. I sprinted up climbs with Rage Against The Machine shouting through my earphones.

I got home feeling better than I did when I left, and that’s what it’s all about.

6 Responses to “An ice-cold stream”

1. Charlie

“Killing in the name of”… ba ba bam…”Killing in the name of”…ba ba bam, ah the joy of riding to music personally i had Star wars echoing through my mind?

2. Olly

Star wars? Were you riding through the woods of TatooineCranham at ludicrous speed by any chance?

Dammit, I forgot to mention the enormous penis on Leckhampton Hill.

3. Charlie

No, i was doing loops of the Devils (pe!!s) Chimmeny up Lecky in full face and armour, Damn hot, but the force was on my side, (Tail wind) :0)

4. Olly


5. Adisa

Riding under those conditions are just insane — but fun!

6. Kelley

Great work.