Man, this morning’s commute was hard work. It’s not very far, but this morning I rode out onto the Tewkesbury road into a headwind that nearly had me going backwards. I bet it’ll have swirled a full 180° by the time I come to ride home, too.

Even so, the ride always becomes more fun when I get into town. Inevitably most of the traffic gets snarled up at some point, so I can often bomb past it all. This morning it was especially good, as I traded places with a rather nice Porsche 911 several times, before eventually beating it to the town centre. Winner!

Right, I’m off to get some new batteries for my head-light. It’s slightly disconcerting when it fades away to nothing as I’m riding around a big scary roundabout…

7 Responses to “Commute!”

1. matt


When I have my new house I might commute from the bedroom to the office via the kitchen on a minibike :)

2. Dave

You should buy a big old knackered bus instead of biking and just drive through and over everyone and everything. Sorted. :)

3. Weon

Please write something interesting – work is getting a bit boring. Everyone has gone quiet on the blog front (apart from Magical Matt) so I have nothing to read!

4. matt

Does that mean what I write is not boring? :)

I can post photos of my leg wound if you like that will be nice.. I seem to recall Olly drawing a face on the last ooosing gooey mess that I posted on the internet.. :o

5. Olly

Really? I don’t :) Was that the toe thing?

6. Weon

Matt – you make me feel guilty on a daily basis for not riding my bike as much as you. You do take good photos though. Post a photo of your injury – it’ll help pass the time until Olly’s next thrilling installment.

7. matt

Yes, the Toe.

I’m pretty sure it was you, Olly, as it’s your level of humour ;)