Memory loss

Them: “So what were the highlights then?”
Me: “Um…”

It’s amazing what happens when you’re on holiday for three weeks. You do so much that you start to forget things. I started looking through the photos this evening and it all started to come flooding back.

That awesome fountain in Kings Park. The DNA tower. The bikini photoshoot. The mental waitress and the Arsenal-supporting (HA-HA!) waiter from Islington. Waffles in Fremantle. The scary prison tour. The tandem on Rottnest Island. The supermonsterpatrolmeister 4×4 behemoth truck. The evil seagulls. The penguins. The only miserable aussie. The biggest ants ever. The steaming lake at sunrise. The trees you can walk through. Dôme. The high pitched receptionist. Owen’s crazy ladder tree – and the bonkers granny who went all the way to the top. Hardcore offroad driving (dude). Those amazing caves, and the guide who’d clearly spent too much time down there. Tales of the runaway “controlled” bush-fire (oops). The wine tour. The streak, ah, the steak. The road-trains. Getting up before sunrise to see the pinnacles. The sand-boarding. The snorkelling. The trek through death valley. The world’s biggest spider (except for that even bigger one). The stripey feet. The parrots. The reunion. Dim sung for breakfast. The booze run across the border to Kuala Lurah. Sushi. The crown prince, twice. The water village. The most ostentacious hotel on earth. The lagoon. The most apologetic staff in the world. The safe. Getting the bride. The wedding. The reception. The hangover. All-you-can-eat noodles. The goodbyes. The not wanting to come home, but being glad to be back. The passport with a nice selection of stamps.

…and that’s just scratching the surface. Man, we did everything! I’ll start uploading photos at some point. There’s just sooo many to work through… I’ve started uploading my photos to Flickr – there’s a whole set dedicated to them.

11 Responses to “Memory loss”

1. Weon

I R exactly the same. Thankfully I took notes! I’ve started uploading some of my journal but am relying heavily on photos too in order to jog my memories.

It really was great though wasn’t it? I’d forgotten about the safe but not about the spider (shudder).

When are we going back?

2. matt

My Mum lived in Australia for lots of years.

3. Olly

Where abouts?

4. sara

i always have memory lapses :(

5. matt

“Where abouts?”

I said “Australia”

6. Praca

I was living there for 12 years!

7. Pozycjonowanie

I wish i could live in Australia for 1 week it could be a great vacations :)

8. Bamboo

Australia is great because of hot climate :)

9. Alice Busess

To my plans of vacancy I would go year Austarlie next year Merry Christmas from Poland!

10. Brautkleider Katalog

Hey, I think it`s a great country, but I know a lot of stories about dangerous spiders, snakes and so on. This is reason why I never visit it.. Did you have any problems there?

11. Jonix

I’ve family there. Memory losses in this days are a constant unfortunally, but because of hard work.