Just a quick note to recommend Arirang. It’s a Korean BBQ restaurant on Barrack Street – complete with the barbecue in the middle of the table. They bring out the meat and you cook it yourself, before eating it out of a lettuce leaf (as if it were a tortilla). Not something you see everyday and as a bonus, the food’s really good aswell. The puddings get a special mention too – my “peach fantasia” was a replica peach made from chocolate, ice cream and a fererro rocher as the stone (I dare you to make the “really spoiling us” gag). Brilliant.

Yes, that means I’m in Perth, Australia and yes, I’m feeling smug. G’night mate.

5 Responses to “G’day”

1. matt

May I be the first to say


2. Simon

May I second that comment

3. Pete

I’ll 3rd that, and also say that to Owen

4. brett

beeeeatch its raining here still !!!!!!!!!

5. Sean Gorman

Yes.. All of the above.

Today is really sunny, very warm not a cloud in the sky.