It’s only 10:50 am and I’ve already consumed two cakes (a chocolate doughnut and a chocolate eclair – both provided by work) and I’ve just been given a big bag of Haribo Starmix.

I truly have the healthiest diet of all time.

7 Responses to “Fatso”

1. SimonB

I have had toast, crisps and a peperami firestick :-O

2. Simon

I think I can beat you hands down every day :-p but then im sure you know that already. Remember our healthy times at tablesir, getting junk from the shop on the way in and chips for lunch.

3. Owen

Olly, that seems pretty healthy for you mate. I remember your breakfasts of microwave chips!

4. Olly

I’ve not eaten Microchips for years. Maybe their time has come again ;-)

5. matt

I think renaming them to iMicrochips or event Nanochips would do wonders for their marketing power.

I never get free food from work.

6. Olly

You work from home! Buy yourself some and claim it back on expenses ;-)

7. Sara

That’s not so bad. You bike and take care of yourself! You deserve to indulge. At least that’s what I keep telling myself :D.

when you said cakes.. I thought you were talking American cakes.. like big cakes!!!!