The downhill trails on Leckhampton Hill are ace. Fast, flowy and technical. Alas, there’s a couple of places where they cross footpaths and the local council weren’t particularly happy with at least one of them. A diversion was needed. Today we built one.

Enter the final section of the course as normal (just about all of them end up on the same bit of trail) and instead of blatting down and over a blind footpath crossing into the final jump, you now carve around to the left, down a steep slope into a monster new berm and over a fairly major 20ish-foot jump (avec chicken-run) which takes you back towards the bowl we all used to ride back in the day.

It’s amazing how quickly things get done when there’s a load of people there to do the work. Biggups to Roger, Garry, Olly F, Simon, James, Nick, Anton, Jez, Mike and the lad whose name I’ve since forgotten (sorry) Rich. Good work peeps.

5 Responses to “Diversion”

1. grant

I’m sorry to inform you that you were clearly NOT trailbuilding, as you had too many people turn up. Trailbuilding should be sparsely attended and taken for granted by those that don’t come as something that is done by magic pixies when they’re not looking and in preparation for their next ride.

Rides, on the other hand, get almost bogtrotters-esque in attendance terms.

I am not bitter. At all. Oh no.

2. Olly

I think this attendance may have been something of a one-off. This was the first “official” trail building event you see :)

3. grant

Proper “official”?

It’ll be 2 people and a barrow in a few weeks………….

4. Olly

Aye, proper – James is the council officer for the area :) I’m under no illusions about the number of people turning up – It’s mainly peeps working alone or in tiny groups for the most part.

5. matt

It;s probably easier to yet younger DHers to dig than older XCers

Certainly seen jump spots appear overnight in areas, but XC requires a lot more effort IMO.

it also helps to have a popular track and the local james on-side, all it takes is two groups of friends to join up at one time and you’ve got a crew.