I saw it at long last!

This evening I finally saw the first episode of My Name is Earl.

Both Sara and Weon have been raving on about it since it first aired over in the states months ago, but I never found the time to sit down and watch it. They were right: It’s absolutely brilliant. I just hope the rest of the series lives up to this one…

4 Responses to “I saw it at long last!”

1. Owen


Apparently the next season has already started airing in the States

2. Sara

Its about damn time! Yes, the entire series and great and the new shows are good too. In the new epiosdes, catalina’s charachter has more action which is great.

3. Pete

It is a great show. I love the way that he’s always terrified of ‘repenting’ for his sins and it always ends up that everyone else has had a worse life!

4. Mark

If you liked the first episode, the others that I’ve seen in the states should live up to your expectations. It’s hilarious!

Earl and his brother shopping at the liquor store for his ex-wife’s wedding gift, looking at the registry:

Earl: “Hmm… tequila. Need ten, got ten.”

Randy: “%&@*!”