That’s a lorra lorra miles, chuck.

I really ought to biggup mattmagic. He’s managed 5000 miles by bike this year, the majority of it off-road on his singlespeed Chameleon. Well done sir, that’s a big total.

By the way, that fantastically high quality photo is of Matt at Mountain Mayhem a few years ago – back in the days of Team Kusatado Ninja. Ah memories…

8 Responses to “That’s a lorra lorra miles, chuck.”

1. matt

Ahh those were the days.
all but about 50 of the offroad miles have been singlespeed.

It wants a new paintjob.

2. Olly

Obviously we’ll be expecting a lot more from you next year. 10k or so ;-)

3. matt

no chance.
riding pretty much everyday since July 1st’s taken it’s toll!

4. grant

Toll on what?

Your fitness? Nah, doubt it, you riding god you.

Your sanity? Nope, was always ropey at the best of times


5. matt

bike, equipment, body, mind, time.

Fun though ;o)

6. SimonB

I still think he should try and reach 6000 miles before the end of the year ;-)

7. Owen

What’s the big deal? It’s only about 100 times my year total.

8. matt

5135 now ;)