They’re a funny old bunch, Sony.

On the one hand they’re a bunch of idiots, whose copy-protected music CDs can leave your computer open to virus attack. OK, I’m sensationalising, but that surely is a sign of a company that just doesn’t get it. It’s like they believe that if they don’t install something really nasty on the CD, the consumer is just bound to pirate it. Meanwhile, illegal copies of the CDs appear through the usual channels within hours of release – as per usual. This sort of thing just doesn’t work Sony – it’s only ever going to generate you bad P.R.

On the other hand, they produce some absolutely fantastic hardware and commission some wonderful adverts [thanks Eeen] in which to showcase it.

Go figure.

Update: It gets worse for Sony

Brilliant: It would appear that Sony’s copyright protection software is itself in breach of copyright [thanks Andy]. They’re really thought this one though, haven’t they?

6 Responses to “They’re a funny old bunch, Sony.”

1. matt

That’s a beautiful ad.
I just love it.

2. Simon

Quality ad, I like the music as well, hence me sticking it on my site as well :-)

3. matt

They’ve released a shorter version of the advert now, which seems to remove most of the elements that make it lovely.

Good Job, Sony!

4. Olly

Man, they’re on form at the moment :)

5. Owen

What a balls-up


6. Olly

Get out.