Morzine 2005

It’s late July 2005 and The Hills Have Eyes monkeys [Adam, Alex, Anton, Brett, Charlie, Gary, Gaz, Nick, Olly, Rob, Stu] hit Morzine in the French Alps.

We ride bikes like nutters. We do over 200 miles, nearly all downhill, over the course of two weeks. We rail berms, fly off drops, ride see-saws, and rule the singletrack. We fall off a lot. We kneel at the altar of body armour. We kill several pairs of forks, a rear shock, countless tyres, gear cables, chains, brake pads and other myriad parts. We spend an obscene amount of money on replacements (Yes Brett, we mean you). We make silly BWAAAARRRRRP engine noises as we fly down the trails. We celebrate my birthday. We’re given free drinks by friendly bar staff. We fly from one mountain to the next on the Fantasticable. We think Anne-Caro is a vindictive cow to have come up with that track. We chat to old friends in the pub. We eat too much food. We take pictures. We throw each other in hedges. We have an awful lot of fun.

We come home. We are depressed. We are really looking forward to the next time.

Update: We take more photos.

15 Responses to “Morzine 2005”

1. matt

what;s the deal with the crazyassed PS cloning in that pic above!


2. matt


3. Simon

In your pics it looks like your racing on a track or something, and with start blocks. Did you win anything? Oh and how old are you now? you reached 30 yet? :-p

4. Olly

THAT’S NOT CLONING YOU NUMPTY! You’re right though, it looks gash ;-) Not sure if I can be arsed to re-do it though.

Some (most?) of them are race tracks, but there was no (official) racing, so we didn’t win anything. Anton is unofficial champion though.

Oh, and 27, thanks.

5. Owen

27? You are so young for one so grey.

Sounds (and looks) like you had an awesome time. Maybe next year, when I’m a marillionaire, I’ll come with you.

6. Simon

What if your bikes muddy Owen?

7. Olly

It was indeed rather fantabulous. How were the Maldives?

8. matt

TWENTY SEVEN!!!.. i remember that age, like it was 2 years ago ;)

9. matt

wonder if Tesco do nice fudge. or any fudge





arrghhh mmm FUDGE

10. Owen

My bike is clean (and will remain so for the forseeable future due to no time to ride).

The Maldives rocked. I will be putting something about it on soon but I am trying to sort out the backlog of photos on my PC first (I’m still trawling through the GP ones!)

BTW, the video for the Mint Royal video is awesome – I may have to buy the album when it comes out.

11. Matt 33 1/3

not related but right up your street olly…


12. Olly

13. Matt 33 1/3

Haha brilliant! ;o)

14. Owen

Hey, go to and check out the Comment Board – total spam!

I know I’m sad but I’ve had a reaaaalllllly boring day.

15. Olly

You’d think they’d figure out how to do it properly. All gone now ;-)