Last night I rather cleverly left the window open and the light on. Funnily enough, loads of small flying insects buzzed their way in and started flying around the room. Great. Time for a quick game of “twat ’em with a rolled up magazine”.

This turns out to be great fun. Wait for them to land somewhere, creep up on them and then WHAMMMO! One less insect buzzing around the room.

But I got impatient. They refused to land and stay landed, or they landed somewhere completely useless like the lampshade. How am I suppoed to smack them when they’re up there? So I started going after the ones that were still flying about.

Much, much harder. I only got one good result – but it was a cracker.

I see a particularly big mozzie buzzing about. Line it up… FWOOM! Missed.

Try again. Line it up… THWACK! I fire it up into the corner of the room, where it gets entangled in a nearly invisible web. Mr Daddy Long-Legs shoots out from his hiding place behind the curtain and strikes! All I can see is this mozzie stuggle for a bit, before its legs and wings get tied up against its body by it’s merciless killer. It holds it’s prey in place with two legs and ties it up with two more, before carrying it off to another corner of the web and holding on tight, just to make sure. It was a fantastic spectacle to behold.

THWACK! Ahhh, two birds with one rolled up magazine. Result!

3 Responses to “WHAMMMO!”

1. flo

Yay for olly, he fed a spider and killed annoying bugs AT THE SAME TIME! woo yeah. *dances*

2. Olly

You may have missed the bit when he terminated the spider too :)

3. matt

You’re a killing MACHINE!