Note to self

Never drink orange juice immediately after bruishing your teeth (or indeed eating something really minty). It tastes bloody horrible.

18 Responses to “Note to self”

1. matt

You’re not supposed to do that anyway, something to do with the acid in the orange juice attacking your tooth enamel.

2. brett

stop drinking my orange juice bitch !

3. Olly

It was my orange squash, fool!

Actually, come to think of it, its entirely possible that its peach flavoured. So this entire post could be an double cross, wrapped in an untruth, masquerading as a lie…

4. Owen

Brett – you have an Orange Juice Bitch? That must be handy when you need a drink.

5. Weiran

You should drink apple juice, ‘coz OJ will kill you…

6. Simon #2

Olly drank Bretts juice? some things never change…. they were never confused :op

7. Owen

Euw! Get out you sick puppy.

8. Stuart

How have you managed to get this old without finding this out?

9. Olly

I’ve found it out countless times. It doesn’t seem to make me learn from the experience though – I do the same thing with chewing gum: Chew minty gum, drink orange, GAAAH!

10. brett

olly you should call this site bikes in the city – if i read the posts like that blond one does in sex in the city (not aloud, ive stopped that now) its quite funny ive laughed to myself for hours hahahaha in fact if you could trade places that would be good. you can go over there and right about sex and cities and she come over here stay in the flat and ride and write about bikes… right where are my pills

11. Matt 33 1/3

Brett get some sleep mate…. i think you’re losing it.


12. Owen


Brett, you’re losing it man – everyone knows that Olly can’t write about cities.

At the moment he appears to be far to busy to write anything :(

13. Olly

Muh? Bikes… trees… writing… computers… games… sleep… now… gurgle…

14. gordon

I just thought that Olly had died or something like that…..

15. Simon #2

I think Olly and Brett having been eating berries from the garden again…

16. Olly

Olly and Brett don’t have a garden.

17. Owen

Then where do all those berries come from?

18. Olly