By George, I think he’s cracked it!

The Odeon Cinema in Cheltenham continues to be one of the most uncomfortable places on the face of this earth. Ray Mears should set one of his survival programmes there. We could see just how long he can sit in one of those seats before his backside goes numb on a permanent basis, or his knees explode through the contortion of trying to fit into the tiny space alotted to them.

The fact that I was barely aware of this distinct lack of comfort until the film was over, serves to point out that the third episode of the Star Wars saga is one hell of a lot more absorbing than either of the first two. Much, much better. I want to say more, but I’ll leave it for now to save spoiling it for those of you that haven’t seen it.

You really ought to see it at the cinema though, it’s definitely a big screen film. But do try to find one that’s slightly more comfortable than my local.

5 Responses to “By George, I think he’s cracked it!”

1. grant

It flinking rocks!!!!

2. Dangerous Dave B

Need to finish off Lego Star Wars now we’ve seen the film!

3. Olly

Only if I can figure out how to jump up stuff ;-)

4. matt

I will see this film in 2006.

5. Dangerous Dave B

Yes. True comment about the game, Olly. Its not so much jumping but falling with(out) style as I’ve found out.