The Stable

I can’t be arsed to write a proper meaningful post at the moment. Life is getting in the way. So I thought I’d write about my bikes for a change.

I’ve got two that work at the moment, then there’s two that I plan to make into working bikes again at some point. I’ve planned this for some time though. There’s a distinct possibility that I’ll never get around to it.

The “freeride” rig

Its an Azonic Saber. I didn’t like the Azonic logo, so that had to go, and besides it’s actually made by XTension bikes – and their logo is still there on the top tube. Its great, except on the really steep stuff. I know that’s partly down to me (steep trails bring out “the fear” in me), but I don’t think the long top tube, head angle and high bottom bracket help a great deal [1].

Azonic Saber

Its rocktastic just about everywhere else though. I’ve hauled it around XC loops (slow on the ups, ruling on the downs), across North Shore style skinnies and down full on World Cup DH courses. Its a fantastic all-rounder.

The do everything else bike

Its a big old Cove Stiffee. A bit too big for me really, but its a nice enough bike nonetheless. One gear, five inch forks and the parts from two different headsets. Aye, it’s a bit of a freakbike isn’t it? Still, it was built up almost entirely from spare bits so its not too bad.

Cove Stiffee

Its good for lazy summer cruises around the bridleways of Gloucestershire, and does pretty well in the singletrack too. It’s also proved itself more than capable of riding up and down snow-covered hillsides in complete blizzard conditions.

Then there’s the others

The Coyote keeps asking me to build it up again. I reply “OK, but only if I can get you a new shock”. It then whinges on about how it’ll be months before that happens and I bung it back in the garage.

Coyote XC-2 Frameset

It needs a decent shock though. The Fasttrax one that came with it is completely useless. The thing is, if I get it a nice shock it’ll want some new forks, wheels, gears, brakes, finishing kit, paintwork…

Then there’s the LTS3. That was my first ever full susser. On the one hand it handles pretty sweetly. On the other, the rear suspension is useless, it squeaks and I don’t think the frame is altogether straight anymore. The perfect candidate for a rebuild then.

GT LTS-3 Frameset

I think i’ll make it a single speed again. The last time I did that I got lampooned because apparently single speed bikes can’t have suspension, riser bars or any of that stuff. Pah! We showed ’em – right up until I broke the forks. Then there was the needing the bits for something else. Then there was the putting it away in a garage about 130 miles away for ages. I’ll put it back together one day though.

[1] Wow, can you hear me talking myself into getting something new there? Its amazing how easy it is to convince myself that I need a proper DH bike…

9 Responses to “The Stable”

1. Simon #2

You have a thing for odd frames dont you, at least there is one “normal” one there :op

Shame about Palace btw, hrhr :o)

2. Owen

Hey, I had no idea you were into bikes. I’ve got an old Specialized thing in the garage, maybe we should go riding sometime?

3. Olly

Which one’s the normal one then? There’s nowt particularly odd about any of them – bar the colour scheme on the Coyote ;-)

Owen – I heard your bike didn’t work anymore. Something about it getting a bit dirty? Maybe it was too many cobwebs?

4. brett

call that an upate ! not very exciting seen all them shit bikes

5. Olly

You didn’t bring all the Morzine pictures home so I couldn’t do anything with those. They’re all on my old PC at the mo – you know, the one without a PSU… :-)

6. brett

ah well at this ver moment im uploading my morzine pics to media\morzine on your planetgnary server so now you have no excuse i also have morzine snow pics

7. Simon #2

The Stiffee looks normal, doesn’t have some weird ass suspension going on. For you it seems a tad dull looking and not nearly gay enough :op guess its a name thing.

8. nahan

how do you like that azonic saber i wanted to get one and set it up like yours, i race dh every other weekend but im onley 15 so i cant buy somthing extremley expensive so i was wondering if it would be ok for dh.

9. Olly

It was ace up until it got stolen :(

For DH it wasn’t bad, but the slightly steeper angles and shorter wheelbase mean it’s not nearly as confident at speed or on the steep stuff as my Orange 222. The Saber was more of an all-rounder.

I’d recommend you try something like an Azonic Eliminator or a Specialized Big Hit – they’ll be better suited to DH, offering more relaxed angles and more suspension travel without breaking the budget. There’s also loads of bargains on secondhand Big Hits, 222/3s, Recoils and so on if you look around the classifieds.