Starflyer 59

I’d never even heard of Starflyer 59 until Jon Hicks went mad and plastered them all over his site. I eventually caved in and had a look at their site, which has exerpts from their new album “Talking Voice vs Singing Voice“.

I think I’m going to have to purchase it. They sound a bit like a post Kelli Dayton Sneaker Pimps crossed with New Order … or something. I like it either way. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

4 Responses to “Starflyer 59”

1. Simon #2

Don’t suppose you saw the footy last night? The 1-0 win? hrhr. Don’t worry i’m sure you’ll stay up :op

2. Olly

Footy? What? Nah, never heard of it ;-)

3. Owen

Let’s talk about the FA Cup…

4. Glenn

I hope you liked the Starflyer record. If you liked this one, please also try Leave Here As Strangers album. Very good indeed. Glenn