Cwm Carn

I didn’t get to bed until early Saturday morning, thanks mainly to a couple of DVDs — The Forgotten (silly) and Dodgeball (very funny) — and a certain flatmate getting home from the pub without his door keys. Anyway, not enough hours of sleep later, that very same flatmate knocks on my door:

Him: “You coming to Cwm Carn?”
Me: “Mumble grumble mhrrrr”
Him: “Sweet! We’re leaving in about half an hour.”

And so we did. The main aim of the trip was to play on the new Mojo downhill track, but seeing as my DH bike is currently lacking its rear shock, I took the Big Red Stiffee.


As soon as we got there I remembered. I hadn’t ridden my bike since Cumfest and had forgotten to sort out the singleator. To do that I’d be needing an 18mm cone spanner. Where was that? Yep, you guessed it, its in the garage back home.

Brett Stevens on the new Mojo Track at Cwm Carn, South Wales

That wasn’t going to stop me though, and it wasn’t long before I was off and riding round the “Twych” cross-country trail. Unfortunately my complete lack of fitness and the aforementioned chain tension issue got in the way every time the trail went uphill (its amazing how much confidence you lose when you can’t be sure a pedal stroke won’t slam your knee into the bars), but even so it was great fun. The singletrack (clearly inspired in places by the trails at Afan Argoed) was great fun, especially the whoop-de-whoop bits, and the final descent to the car park. Perhaps the most satisfying was the short descent that goes alongside the forest drive. I was absolutely flying along there with some kids cheering me on from the roof of the big 4×4 that I was comfortably keeping pace with. Then the trail went back into the woods and that was the last I saw of them. The only problem is that its not long enough. Still, I suppose you’re allowed to do as many laps as you like…

Mynydd Mojo

I got back and found the others playing on the new DH track. Now, before you start moaning about how its not open yet and we shouldn’t be riding it yet, several of the Mojo crew who built the trail were riding it too and encouraging the rest of us. They just don’t want you doing uplifts yet.

Rowan Sorrell on the new Mojo Downhill track at Cwm Carn, South Wales

Its proper big — like something straight out of the Alps. There’s plenty of massive berms, hips, drops, doubles and even a few bridges to play with, but its all rollable – so if you don’t fancy flying 30ft through the air you don’t have to. There were a couple of locals playing on there and making to look decidedly easy, or so I thought.

Nope, that’s nothing. A bit later Rowan Sorrell and Tim Ponting of the Mojo Racing team turned up with some mates their mates and made everybody else look silly. They were going massive off of everything they could. Really really impressive stuff. I want to go back and have a play on my full susser now.

“I’ve got a fork between my legs”

We stopped off on the way back, picked up Brett’s sister and went for a pub dinner somewhere near Crickhowell. I’m not sure quite how we got her and two big mountain bikes across the back seats of Brett’s car – it certainly didn’t look very comfortable. I’ve not laughed that much in ages.

Should you be interested in such things, there’s more pictures in The Gallery.

13 Responses to “Cwm Carn”

1. Simon #2

Nice to see Brett is still taking it easy on the jumps :op Can you do video on your camera?

PS – Just found a fix to make the sony MP3 player have proper sound, as in full volume is now deffening and not just loud. Makes it so much better :o) quality MP3 player, love it. You should tell your mate about it, go to and look for how to do it there.

2. Olly

What’s that, just change the audio settings to “Line Out”? ;-)

My camera can do video, but its not really very good at it, so I prefer to do photos. I might ahve a go at some hardcore video action next time.

3. Simon #2

Hardcore video action of Stiffees? you’ll soon be getting the wrong type of visitors to this site :op

No its a setting on a hidden tech menu, thats set to off due to EU regulations :o| enter a game cheat like combination of button presses and you get to the menu. It makes the player 10x better :o)

4. matt

I should do that to my iPod too, but I keep forgetting, sometimes it seems quiet, sometimes loud, I think that the software reduces the volume as the battery dies, rather than just cutting out like the old software did.

Oh that’s not interesting, CLOSE or SUBMIT?

5. Olly


6. matt




7. Simon #2

Curse Sony and their NW-HD5… really unsure on the looks… but with an A-Z search and Playlists, not to mention longer battery life (removeable as well) and no stupid charger connector. Plus a 30gb version out at some point. I may have to sell mine and change.

Gor for the HD5 Olly, a month aint long to wait.

8. Olly

Mmm, thats exactly what I’m thinking. Might end the month a little further from the end of the overdraft too that way ;-)

9. brett

I like that new little sony – in the small pics the square buttons look crap but when you see the bigger red one i think it looks cool, so in real life it will look super sweet

10. brett

i still havent got earthed 2 – has CRC let me down for the first time !, ive neved had an order that took more than a day to get here, thought youd like to know, is there a sat royle mail delivery ?

11. Olly

There is sometimes. Is it going to your work address?

12. ryan carter

cwmcarn is wiked i ave just fallen of and broken my thumb at the bridge jump on sunday 1st of july and had 2 ave an operation but it was well funny.

13. jon”dirty downhilla”sanchez

big shout to all responsilble for this oustanding dh track,me and sum mates went for may bank holiday sesh at afan forest 1st jus down the road (there a mental black run there with boardwalk) for 2 dayz as a warm up then off to cwmcarn for the finale, wot a track ,shame we couldnt get uplift there,apparently there,s a 3month book well earlier.i think my old bike a upperd 99 spesh took as much as i could throw at it,but that been retired to make way for my new pup a 07bighit cant wait to go n rip it up at cwmcarn again….asap