Are they conspiring against me?

I needed a stock photo. I figured I’d get one from one of the usual free/low cost places around on t’internet. First up I tried stock.xchang, and was greeted with:

sorry for this unexpected downtime. we’re having trouble with one of our servers and we’re going to have to install some new hardware. don’t worry, stock.xchng will be back as soon as possible!

Fair enough thinks me, I’ll try iStockPhoto, only to find that they’re down too!

iStock is temporarily down, we will be back soon. We promise.

Bah and indeed humbug. And its going to rain forever.

16 Responses to “Are they conspiring against me?”

1. matt

Yes they are.

2. Olly


3. matt

Indeedy. they saw you coming.

4. Olly

Luckily iStock came back within a few minutes so it wasn’t a problem.

Speaking of iThings, why do I have an iPod craving again? MUST RESIST!

5. matt

iPods are ace.

6. Simon #2

iPods suck :o why do people have to buy whats fashionable and not whats good, they look rubbish anyways :op

Get yourself a Sony one instead :o) £172 from pixmania, you can fit more on it as well.

7. Olly

Aye, I like the Sony one. But a) it doesn’t work with iTunes, b) Its only 20gb, and c) how the hell do you get more on a 20gb Sony than you can on a 30gb iPod? ;-)

8. matt

Olly Wins.

I have a 10G iPod, it;s 50% full.

9. Simon #2

Using Sony’s atrac music format (you can code mp3’s into that easily if you them on your pc already) its better quality than MP3 as well. You can then fit more on. But its bloomin hard to fill 20gb as thats what I have now and you know how many cd’s I have, im only at 12gb so far. Also the sony player is small and light and the battery lasts a lot longer than the ipod.

Just have a good look at whats about before you buy :o)

I would go with the creative zen touch, but its just too big in size :o(

10. Olly

Baaah, re-encoding is too much like hard work. I’ve got over 20gb of MP3s already and I don’t have the time, inclination of disc space to go through that. There’s someone here with the Sony though, I ought to have a play with it.

The Creatives are just confusing – there’s far too many of them. They’ve got fifteen different Zen’s and yet more after that – not to mention that they’re called different things in other countries. The Zen Xtra looked nice – 60gb for the price of a 30gb iPod, but its flippin’ hooge :(

11. Owen

Nice squirrel brakes. Eventually everything we ever made up will come into existance. Roll on Catdog Eggnog.

12. Simon Barnes

I’ve got a sony jobber. It’s lovely. Bollocks to ATRAC though, MP3s on mine, mostly encoded somewhere between 128kbps and 320kbps.

13. Simon #2

I’ve just ordered a sony NW-HD3 in silver from pixmania, with the use of a discount ;o) its costing me £170 for a 20gb player. Its size is tiny compared to my huge creative zen I cant wait to get it :o) Just have a look at the size of it Olly, you gotta at least be impressed with that.

14. Olly

I’ve just had a play with one. Its lovely. I might have to accidentally order myself one :-)

15. Simon #2

If you do want to get one let me know, I can give you a code ;o) makes it under £172 inc delivery. Mine is with a courier now… why didn’t I get it sent to work, damn it :op

16. Olly

Sweet! Cheers Si :-)