Comedy Sunburn

I do it every time I go on holiday. I’m fine up until the last day, and then for some inexplicable reason I fail to apply sunblock. As a direct result of this, my cheeks and the tip of my nose are currently a somewhat different colour to the rest of my face. To me it says “No worries, you’ve just spent the week snowboarding in the Alps”. No doubt to the rest of the world it says “FREAKAZOID!”.

Olly in Belle Plagne

See, I’ve just got back from a week spent playing with my friends in the snow. Charlie drove Gary, Emma, Rob, Brett and myself down to Les Coches in his fantastic VW Transporter Caravelle Minibus thing, where we met up with Neil, Simon, Pete, Owen and Anne.

I spent most of the first day desperately trying to remember how to ride a board. The first run we did – a steep blue from Les Coches to Montchavin – was a nasty bugger and I spent most of the time falling down it. Luckily things got better quickly and my confidence grew quite quickly from there on in.

Brett on an off-piste hike near L'arpette

By the end of the week I was joining Charlie, Gary and Brett on their mad off-piste adventures. Our final run of the week saw me have a fantastic crash in the trees. Tired legs got things wrong and I ended up lying with my head pointing down the hill and my board caught behind a tree. Escaping that one would have been interesting had Charlie not come to the rescue…

There’s loads more to tell (the dutchmen, Brett’s rock trotters, the flirty waitress, Si’s cooking, the fosters girl, the flashing bouncy ball, the world’s hottest fajitas, the list goes on…) but it can wait for another day. You can find a load of pictures in The Gallery.

6 Responses to “Comedy Sunburn”

1. Matt 33 1/3

Nice pics Olly.. looks/sounds like you guys had a great time. How’d the new gear hold up?

2. Owen

I want to see the comedy sunburn! It’s like a tradition (not that I can talk – I have a very red nose tip!).

3. matt

You did a lot of sitting around!

There weren’t enough pictures of the Van for my liking, glad you didn’t break yourself into little bits.

4. Simon #2

Even a weekend away to Lisas grand house and he got comedy sunburn. There is no way it can be avoided. Mind you it doesn’t even need comedy sunburn to make Olly look like a fool :o)

5. matt


6. Olly

The new kit was ace – got on really well with it.

Its not that we did a lot of sitting around – more that I didn’t take my camera out of my bag when I was flying/falling down the slopes. Oh, and I only remembered to take my camera out of the apartment for two days :-)