Live Wrong

Live Wrong Bracelet

There’s loads of people at work wearing a variety of charitable bracelets. You know the ones – Live Strong (yellow), Anti-Racism (black and white intertwined), Anti-Bullying (some other colour) and so on. Thats all well and good, but there’s something about the whole thing that doesn’t sit quite right with me.

The Live Strong ones were a good idea, but then umpteen other charities jumped on the bandwagon and they lost all of their meaning. Its become fashionable to get the latest Nike charity bracelet. In many ways that’s a good thing — after all, it means more income for the charities involved. On the flipside, I think the message has been lost somewhere along the way. There’s so many around now that nobody can remember what they’re all for.

Personally I prefer the alternative route: Get hold of a Live Wrong bracelet (cheers Rich) to antagonise the aforementioned colleagues, and make a donation to my charity of choice. Much more fun.

10 Responses to “Live Wrong”

1. matt

I need one of them. do you actually have one, or am I miss interpreting words again?

2. Olly

I do actually have one. On my arm. Right now :)

3. matt

OH jealous.
Maybe I will just carve the words into my wrist.

4. Olly

That would be a truly wrong way to live :)

5. Stuart

More difficult, certainly.

6. matt

It;s OK I managed to slam my head into an open cupboard door. it doesn’t spell anything, but it did bleed well.

7. Olly

Ouch! Well done :-/

8. grant

I wound up people at work today with mine. :-)

9. matt

That sounds *so* unlike you!

They should make them from licorique

10. Olly

I’d never be able to antagionise colleagues then though – I’d eat it long before I got there.

Might have to go and buy some at lunchtime :)