Resolutely not spending. Ish.

I’m sat here in front of my PC, drinking a gert big glass of Robinsons Summer Fruits Squash. Its really cold, and tastes like those cheap freeze-it-yourself ice pops, the red ones. I approve.

I’ve got Chain Reaction Cycles open in one tab and Merlin Cycles in another, weighing up my options. I want to put gears on the Stiffee, or perhaps get some disc wheels for it.

You see, I like it as a singlespeed, but its a complete beeeyatch to get it up the hills. I seem to remember that Dave H had trouble getting gears to work on the front of it though — the mad chainline led to chainsuck galore at the first sign of mud (the chainstay is testament to that). I can probably afford to nine-speed it though.

Once I’m up the hills though, the completely useless brakes do little or nowt to give me any confidence in the thing. Fairly non-technical descents are fine, but as soon as it gets tricky I get scared silly (no change there then). So getting a set of disc-brake compabible wheels with nice wide rims would be a nice upgrade. I’ve already got a pair of Hope E4 brakes – they need a seal kit and service but that’s not exactly an expensive process.

The thing is though, a decent set of hubs is quite expensive. I can get a set of wheels based on Shimano Deore disc hubs for under £100 – but I’ve had a set of those before and they weren’t the most reliable hub. Spec some nice Hope XC hubs and suddenly the price goes up to about £170. Expensive, but they’re nice bits of kit.

Oh what to do, what to do… oh now look – I’ve gone and procrastinated the whole evening away. Winner!

18 Responses to “Resolutely not spending. Ish.”

1. rjw

Gears work fine on the Stiffee once you tame them.

Might have some cheap Deore disc-hubbed wheels available.

2. Leon

I know what you mean, although I spend half my time at work trying not to spend money on wiggle et al…

I managed to get away with only buying some inner tubes yesterday… at the weekend it was a pair of leggings… will it ever stop?

3. matt

Hope hubs are ace and will last for a long long long time. My oldest are just as good as new and that;s after 9 years and only 5 new bearings (30quid’s worth)

4. grant

NEver had gear problems on my Stiffee.

5. Olly

Hmmm… Rich, those wheels. What rims and what condition? And more importantly, how much?

I’m fairly sure Dave H had tried everything to get gears to work – even went as far as a Middleburn Duo. Maybe he just didn’t get a long enough BB? Or maybe mine’s just a freak-o-frame :-)

Hang on a minute, I’ve still got a working Deore Disc front wheel (with a subtly dented F519 rim). Maybe I could get a Hope rear now and save up for the front one? Hmm…

6. rjw

Flangeless hubs, x139 rims, came off a Rocky Mountain jobber. Not really used that much. £cheap.

Personally I’d get the Hope ones :)

Stiffee gears work well bar the occasionally chainsuck problems. Currently it’s got an 8spd block and a standard Deore chainset with 22/34/bashring.

7. matt

fix the chainsuck with a sharktooth :)

(or just 8/9 speed it)
(all the coolest dudes run 8/9 speed on their geared bikes)

8. Olly

Mmm, I was thinking ninespeed would be cool – its how I used to run it.

/me goes back to dreaming of a BlackSpire NS1 to put on the front… ARGH NO!!! TOO EXPENSIVE!!! ;-)

9. rjw

E13 DRS :)

10. Olly


11. rjw

Apparently Dewlies will throw the chain if you back-pedal, and DRSs won’t.

Not that I’ve actually used either of them.

12. Olly

£105 though :-/

13. Simon Barnes

I would suggest that you get some XM321disc hubs and lace them to hope hubs. Lovely combination :^)

14. Olly

WTF is an XM321 Disc hub!? ;-)

15. Simon Barnes

LOL! Rim then :)

16. Olly

That’d be lovely. That’d be one hundred and seventy two pounds and ninety nine pence though.


17. Simon Barnes

That was my dlilema, don’t regret doing it though :^)

18. matt

I HAVE 321 / hope :o)