Really not how I’m feeling right now.


[Based on old Golden Grahams promotional postcard that’s lying around]

6 Responses to “Really not how I’m feeling right now.”

1. Dale

The Bee looks stoned.

Are you going to @media? I’m trying to blag a ticket from Patrick Griffiths – he came to the uni and really liked my work. Just hope he liked it enough to remembr me :)

£350 though?!?!?!

2. Olly

I’m trying to get one through work. The thing is, the big boss dude who I was asking has just left, which put the kybosh on it a bit. Still, there’s plenty of other bosses around who can fill the gap :o)

3. Owen

This one, he say yes! (But only until next friday)

4. Stuart

If you’re ill, get well soon!

5. Olly

I’m not, just sleepy – but thanks anyway :o)

6. Dale

sleep well little olly, sleep well!