Eynsham again

I used to work for a company based in Eynsham. They moved down the road to Carterton, and I thought that was the end of it — I mean, what possible reason would there be for me to go back to that sleepy little Oxfordshire town? Well, it turns out that the company I work for now has an office in Eynsham too, and I happened to be there yesterday.

Anyway, as I am still lacking a car, I had to get the good old Number 53 bus.

Oh. The memories. Getting up at ludicrous-o-clock in the morning and walking down into town to catch it. Sitting there half asleep as it takes numerous detours from the A40 (all in the name of good service). Being the only one who gets off at Eynsham, and the only one to get on there again in the afternoon. The bus nearly carrying on past you because the bus-stop at the Evenlode isn’t lit up. I’d forgotten just how long it takes, compared to the driving.

This, along with my other recent public transport experiences, and the fact there isn’t a supermarket within walking distance of here, means I’m seriously looking into getting a car. Mind you, I’ve said that before and never managed to get anywhere. Bloody lethargy…

One Response to “Eynsham again”

1. Simon#2

Good old number 53 bus… ahh yes that trip, I hated it. Fall alseep and not get up in time to ask the driver to stop and it was a long walk to the garage office. Also the amount of times it was late… I was so glad when they let you drive.

Buy your shoping online if you cant get to a supermarket :o)