At weekends I mostly dress up as…

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

My word, we really did look ridiculous.

[A follow-up to Fancy Dress]

6 Responses to “At weekends I mostly dress up as…”

1. Simon #2

Since when did they have cameras? (camera case on right) tsk :op

To be honnest Olly you look more sensible than usual.

2. Olly

Fair comment :o) But where else was I going to keep my camera, keys, money, etc…?

3. Stuart

Ha ha!

That’s ace.

4. matt


Did you then go off to rob a bank?

5. Flo

HAAHAAA…*save picture* i called it teenage mutant ninja olly…YAY!!!

6. Owen

Fame at last.

My life is so empty normally.